Get amazing rewards just for being a member!

LootBull is all about opening loot cases and finding exciting rewards inside! Our mission is to make it as fun as possible while rewarding you for the time spent on our website. This is why we have create this exclusive community of awesome people like you!

How does it work?

Open cases for free

Find cash and other bonuses

Withdraw or spend on rewards

Opening cases does not require any deposits! Each case costs a certain amount of Tokens but they get refilled automatically every hour. You can participate for free forever!

What rewards do I get?

Each case can have one or multiple random rewards inside. It all depends on your luck (and level)! Here is the list of possible rewards:

    • Cash
    • LootBull Tokens
    • Resources for crafting boosters
    • Collectible unique LootBull cards
    • Special items

How do I cash out?

Simply click on your cash balance and you will see all available cashout options!

What can I find in LootBull shop?

LootBull shop is another way to spend your balance on exciting rewards! We restock it often (keep your eye on the "next item drop" countdown) and members can buy various items ranging from merch, apparel and games to coolest gadgets!

How do I find more info about certain features?

Most sections have help button included at the top right corner. Look for Help icon and click it for individual instructions!

Do you have an app?

LootBull works perfectly on mobile, although the best experience is achieved on a desktop computer or a tablet. However, you can always add LootBull to your iOS or Android device's homescreen while we are developing the app. Check out instructions below:

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